Sleep can often be such a struggle for pregnant women, and it becomes a bigger challenge after the baby is born. However, even before your child comes out to this world, you should do your best to ensure that you get ample, sound sleep. Not only will this give you enough rest, but this will also have a positive repercussion on your health and that of your child. There are ways to regulate your sleep while you’re pregnant, one of which is to pay particular attention to the type of mattress you use. Some types of mattresses can help you rise above sleep challenges as a pregnant woman.

If you’re expecting, consider investing in a new, highly functional mattress ideal for pregnant women so that you can have a better sleep. Below are four tips to help you choose the right mattress during your pregnancy.

1. Foam design for the spine

The first thing to consider is that you get a foam design that supports your spine properly. If you often toss and turn when you sleep, then you badly need to get one. All the more, it is required if you are pregnant. The good news is that some mattresses are designed to provide good support for the spine. Look for one that relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips while aligning your spine. Make sure that you give your spine the support it needs by opting for an all-foam design.

2. Foam and latex is a great combo

Did you know that foam and latex make a great combo? The soft and comfortable surface of a foam or latex mattress will help pregnant women shift over to their sides. This aspect is important because most physicians advise women to sleep on their sides to stay comfortable throughout the night. Know that poly-foam and latex are often more responsive than a memory foam mattress. Both foam and latex mattresses are ideal for women to stay in the right position, as they progress through their nine-month journey.

3. Cooling layer for hot sleepers

Another consideration is to invest in a mattress with a cooling layer. This is because pregnant women feel warmer than usual due to the hormonal imbalance. Opt for a mattress with a specific top layer of breathable foam and purchase one that’s finished off with a cool fabric tech layer on top. Having a mattress with cooling features will allow you to stay cool throughout your pregnancy.

4. High-density poly-foam base for weight distribution

For proper weight distribution, it’s best to invest in a mattress with a high-density poly-foam base and with multiple layers. Know that this mattress type is designed to edge support and yield better sleep. It works because the mattress conforms to the body without excessive sinking, which aligns the spine and alleviates tension. It also isolates motion transfer well without making noise. This is extremely important for women who are nearing the end of their pregnancy.

Getting enough sleep can be extremely beneficial for pregnant women. Consider the factors outlined above: foam design, foam, and latex combo, cooling layer, and high-density poly-foam base. Investing in a quality mattress can go a long way for you to get a sound sleep that you deserve.

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