Purchasing a new mattress is both an exciting and expensive ordeal. With that in mind, coming out fresh from delivery doesn’t mean you can flop it on top of your bed frame and forget about it.

It’s essential to take care of it over the next year years as with proper maintenance and attention, and the right mattress can last up to seven to ten years. Whether it is a king, queen, single, memory foam, or pocket sprung mattress – all types need your support to keep it at its full potential.

To that end, here are different ways you can make your mattress last the longest it can.

Tip #1: Unwrap Your Mattress Immediately

Take the mattress out of its packaging and plastic wrapping as soon as you receive it. Make sure to set it up to your bedframe promptly as leaving it to collect dust for more than a day can fast-track the material’s rot when left in damp places.

Another reason why you should unwrap your mattress immediately is to air out the chemical smell of new items. To that end, exposing the bed should help eliminate the irritating odor after a few days.

Tip #2: Give the Mattress some Air

No matter how cold the room is, your body tends to release sweat as you sleep. Many people lose as much as 250 grams of water every night, which the mattress can soak up every drop of moisture. This can attract dust mites, which is why it’s essential to air out your bed every morning if you want to extend its lifespan.

Remove the duvet and pillows for at least 20 minutes, though you can leave the mattress cover on during this time. This is enough to let the body’s moisture to evaporate out and prevent the mattress from collecting dust bunnies early on its life.

If you don’t want to air it every morning, you can opt for a mattress protector. A high-quality protector should keep the sweat from seeping into the mattress and protect it from other potential stains in the long run.

Tip #3: Turn your Mattress Regularly

Not all mattresses require turning, though it’s good practice if you want to maintain an even springiness. The best way to do this is by rotating it end-to-end every week for the first three months. After, you can turn it every three to four months. This prevents certain areas from sagging and keeps the upholstery fillings evenly distributed. However, memory foam or mattresses with built-in toppers shouldn’t be turned over. It’s recommended to rotate it regularly to keep you from sitting or laying over the same spot.

Tip #4: Avoid Jumping Over the Mattress

Putting an unnecessary strain on different areas of the mattress – be it from jumping around or sitting at the edge of the bed regularly – can cause it to lose support. If you want to extend its lifespan and keep it good as new for years to come, taking the conscious effort to do this will help you make the most of your mattress.

Tip #5: Invest in a Solid Base for Your Mattress

All mattresses are designed to adapt to your weight. However, for the material to do its job efficiently, it will need to have the support of a solid base. To that end, invest in a sturdy and high-quality bed frame to ensure you can enjoy the full potential of your mattress.

In Conclusion

It’s essential to take extra steps to care for your mattress as it is an investment that can make or mar the quality of your sleep, which primarily affects your physical and mental health.

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